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Policies of Prime Digital Income (PDI)




Prime Digital Income (PDI) Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as PDI), hereby declares that PDI is not a financial services provider and that PDI is not a provider of securities services.

All members including proxy members who represent entities on PDI, hereby agree that by accessing and registering on the PDI website and/or by the act of using any PDI services that they have read, understand and agree to and will abide by the terms of this Advice Disclaimer.

Nature of PDI Business

PDI is an internet based crypto-currency club which performs its business through the website and its official offices in Pennsylvania, United States. The benefit to members is in the form of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin where member’s bitcoin grows through crypto-currency trading by various registered and regulated brokers.

Advice Disclaimer

PDI is not and does not portray or attempt to portray itself as a registered or authorised financial services provider or render financial services in respect of financial products as defined in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 2002 (“the FAIS Act “) and, PDI does not portray or attempt to portray itself as registered or authorised to render security services as those terms are defined in the Securities Services Act, 2004 (“the SS Act “).

Financial Advice

Neither PDI nor its members or management purports to be financial advisors nor should any member require any financial advice the applicable member should consult his/her own financial advisor.

PDI does not provide any financial advice and does not get involved in any financial planning pertaining to any PDI member in any manner whatsoever.


Per the PDI Terms and Conditions and per the PDI General Policies and per the PDI Advice Disclaimer, PDI does not guarantee or warrant any returns or specific growth, rates or outcomes.

PDI members and proxy members utilise the services of PDI and any related services entirely at their own risk, without any liability to PDI.

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